Animaniacs SAMPLE - V​/​A Dope Town (2015​)​, Dopetec Records

by Automata Theory vs. Neural vs. Transdimensional Entities



Animaniacs DEMO. For full track, please visit:

1. Holy Manullu & Dioxid - Behind The Ear
2. Hosmo Zonik - Monster Of The Cookies
3. PsyLine - Molecular Dissociation
4. Skywalker vs CriticalFreak - Mushishi
5. Brainstalker - Questions
6. Nano Bugz - Urban Jungle
7. Uphurya - Nuclear Cosmology
8. Aztec Dosage & Radice - Breaking Molecule
9. Nibiru & WildChild - Wildchips
10. Parakustik - Mind Science
11. Smokey Quartz - Organism Alive
12. Automata Theory vs Neural vs Transdimensional Entities - Animaniacs
13. Makara - Paralyzed

Cover by Flashback
Mastering by Alien Chaos


released February 8, 2015




Neural Buenos Aires, Argentina

Psychedelic project made by Martin. After being part of two labels (one as co-director), in 2014 he joins Fractal Audio Machinery Records (Germany) as producer and continues his carreer from there, publishing his first album, reaching #4 on Ektoplazm chart, and being one of Ektoplazm's recommended albums of the year. Now he is working on new music, exploring new atmospheres and new techniques. ... more

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